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Spellbinding…….Mesmerizing……….A Must Read……..These were some of the adjectives used to describe Image series, The Walking Dead, when it was first unleashed in comic stores more than five years ago.  Created by writer Richard Kirkman and pencilled by artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, the comic has managed to maintain an amazingly high standard during it’s run and still continiues to mesmerize and spellbind anyone brave enough to read it’s fear soaked pages.  Early prints of the series are a hot commodity amongst collectors(due to a low print run, issue #2 is the rarest) and often sell for hundreds of dollars, and this year at the San Diego Comic Convention, the series won the Eisner award for best continuing comic book series.

The initial story arc  revolved around a policeman named Rick Grimes who gets himself shot and winds up in a coma. He then awakenes into a world overrun by zombies, and in the hope of finding his wife and son,  makes his way to Atlanta with another survivor named Glenn, discovering more survivors and plenty of zombies along the way. Subsequent story arcs are filled with tales of love, betrayal,  and more frenetic energy than most stories can dream of.  Throughout the series, Kirkman mostly stays true to the classic zombie lore that was made famous by George Romero, and in fact, the series is drawn in black and white, which adds to the old style horror/ Night of the Living Dead vibe. There are no super strength, lighnting fast  zombies here, but the undead will give chase if any sound flters through their filthy, rotting ears. 

Much like werewolves and vampires, zombies have rules. The first rule of the Walking Dead is that if you die without any trauma to the head, you will you come back as a zombie. The traditional “if you get bit by a zombie, you become infected, get sick, die, and come back as a zombie” also still holds.  Also, the traditional way to kill a zombie by destroying the brain is still firmly intact.  Kirkman does add a couple of new twists to these zombies though. An infected persons life can be saved if the bite is cleaned and the bitten area is cut off, and if the undead are around a human long enough, they will soon lose the desire to attack them.  The zombies really are the sub characters in The Walking Dead though, as Kirkman has created  a truly character driven series in which we watch the survivors adapt to the conditions around them and delves deep into the true nature of the human spirit when under attack.

The amazing success of the comic has spawned a new series on AMC, debuting on Halloween night, 2010. Though not filmed in black and white, the series stays true to the comic book, which is partly due to Kirkman being a producer on the series. Oscar winning director Frank Darabont serves as the director, writer and executive producer. Early reviews for the series have been amazing and it looks as though AMC has another must watch series on it’s hands.

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