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Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians wrote on their walls to portray their stories, share their lives, and preserve history.  These hieroglyphics have survived the sandstorms of time and continue to share fantastic stories from a flamboyant past.  In modern times, the same practice of writing on walls has covered the globe in a unique form of art called Graffiti.  To some, this name conjures up negative connotations of vandalism and violence, but to others, it’s an art form that celebrates the diversity and beauty of the human imagination. 

Graffiti is as varied as any other type of art in the world today and has some of the most creative minds in the world painting on brick and concrete.  Street art isn’t merely beautiful; it’s also passionate and drives artists to bare their souls through wildly colorful and imaginative images.  The paint on the walls can tell stories that are so extremely personal, they can inspire people to live their dreams and follow their hearts. 

Graffiti can make people step back and recognize the art, the beauty, and the far edges of society that they don’t always want to see.  It can show the passions of the people, the woes of the forgotten, and the triumphs of humanity the world over.  These artists risk their lives and limbs, in a fashion, to speak their art, to show the world what they can accomplish.

How can some say that’s not really art?  How do you define what art is?  It may not be recognized in museums around the world, but it is in every major city of the world.  Graffiti turns the world into a museum, an art piece that speaks to the passerby.  It celebrates the element of chaos, injected into both the art and the act –the beauty of which can tell a story through spray paint.  From the simple to the sublime, Graffiti is a celebration of art in its most primal form.

Graffiti uses the walls as a blank canvas.  Nothing but the mind of the creator shapes and molds the complacent brick into a story.  It encompasses written words, images, optical illusions and just about anything the dreamer can dream.  Graffiti encompasses so many different varieties that it cannot possibly be summed up in words.   To truly understand the stories told in Graffiti and to truly appreciate the beauty this unique expression offers, you must find it yourself.

The internet can provide you with the images, the colors, and the movements in the paint, but it cannot provide you with the exhilaration of discovery.  Sometimes the best graffiti masterpieces are the ones that are so well hidden, almost no one sees them.  They become your own unique experience, as if peering through branches into your own secret garden.  Undeniably, graffiti is a unique art form that is full of creation, full of dreams. Leave the museum walls behind and go find it.

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