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How to Care For a New Tattoo

Whether it’s your first tattoo or your tenth, you want to make sure that you know how to care for it properly once you get it.  Proper care will ensure that once your tattoo has healed, there won’t be any faded areas or missing lines, and it will also guarantee that you are as comfortable as you can be with your new masterpiece, so that it doesn’t hurt or itch more than what’s to be expected. Your inner showboat also wants to strut your new art, and if you follow this guide, you will have a great tattoo that you can show off for the rest of your life.  You may even want to submit it to Tattoo Boulevard and get all our readers itching for some new ink.

Removing the Bandage from Your New Tattoo

The tattoo artist will most likely place some Vaseline or some type of ointment on your new tattoo as soon as it’s finished, and will then cover it with either a clear plastic or sterile gauze, securing it with medical tape. This bandage is meant to stop any of the bleeding that can occur in the first few hours after getting inked. Make sure you leave this bandage on for at least four to six hours after the completion of your tattoo so that it has time to stop any bleeding that may have occurred. When you do remove it, remove it slowly and gently, as your skin will be very sensitive at this point.  Gently wash your new tattoo with a mild soap, and when you dry it, use a clean towel to pat it dry – no rubbing now!

Keeping Your New Tattoo Moist

Once you’ve washed it for the first time, and then two to three times a day afterwards, you will need to apply some kind of ointment to it to keep the skin moist and promote healing. Make sure that the ointment you are using contains vitamin E so that it not only heals faster, but also protects the skin while it’s applied. Be generous with the ointment and make sure to apply it gently. Extremely dry skin over the tattoo and around it is completely normal, so just make sure to keep it moist, as it is one of the biggest factors in ensuring that a new tattoo looks the best it possibly can once it’s healed. Taking care of a new tattoo is easy as long as you keep it clean and moisturized.

What NOT To Do With Your New Tattoo

There are a few things that you must avoid doing while taking care of your new tattoo so that it can heal properly. Having dry skin on and around your new tattoo is normal, but don’t scratch or itch at it or it could cause the scabs to come off prematurely. If this happens, it can leave parts of the tattoo exposed to sunlight and other things that could pull some of the color out of your skin, affecting the appearance of the tattoo once it’s healed. Make sure to stay out of direct sunlight, or to cover the tattoo lightly if you will be out in the sun for a long period of time.  Also avoid swimming and chlorinated water, and last but not least, depending on the location where your tattoo is, avoid abrasive clothing which can rub against your tattoo and cause it to scratch.

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