Tattoo Boulevard


Body Modification                                                               

The needle looms precariously close,                                                   
hovering with delicate precision,
over the human canvas.
Innately, the body is a work of art,
as much as a flower or a tree,
so is change not a blasphemy?

There is a tree that sits near me with
foliage spread wide and proud.
The trunk is gnarled and mighty.
The roots are tethered to
emerald green and welcoming black
while the utmost branches scrape the sky.
The tree is immense and welcoming
with the wise words of ages long gone
inscribed on its hallowed trunk.
“We may go where we want
and we may want what we know
but what we need is some love
and a place to call home.”

The needle touches skin with gentle pain,
immortal splendor and, infinite majesty.
Change is the ultimate homage to eternity,
so why not change yourself forever?


“Body Modification” was written for Tattoo Boulevard by LostForMeaning, a very talented and poetic writer from the Deviant Art forum.

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