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Death has had many faces through the centuries, but never one as beautiful as the pretty goth girl envisioned by writer extraordinaire, Neil Gaiman. Not content with the boring, cliched versions of the Grim Reaper that usually surfaced in literature, he created a death that was passionate, caring, and cool.  For those unfamiliar with the comic world, Death was a member of The Endless in Gaiman’s groundbreaking Vertigo series, Sandman, making her series debut in the issue entitled, The Sound of Her Wings.  She soon became one of the most beloved characters in the often edgy history of Vertigo comics and even starred in two mini series of her own, Death:The High Cost of Living and Death: The Time of your Life.  Her trademarks include a silver ankh on a chain around her neck and a marking under her right eye.


Over the years, many artists have created their own vision of this classic character which was first drawn by Sandman artist, Mike Dringenberg, in the late eighties.  Now, over twenty years later, Tattoo Boulevard is proud to present this beautiful sketch by artist, Roguemina.

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