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John Chance is a Southern California-based British Filmmaker, Actor and Editor, Voice Over Artist and one-half of Chance Encounters Productions. He and his brother Richard co-wrote and directed the micro budget acclaimed feature film The Veil, the nominated short film Chainmail, and the 2008 Action On Film Festival award-winning short The Day I Tried to Live. In 2009, a feature script The Waiting Room, was nominated for Best Horror Screenplay at the same festival. 2010 seems the most prolific yet with a short horror film of his own; apt. to be screened back to back with (now most recently released from distribution) the release of Richard Chance’s The Veil US CUT – (as it was intended to be seen) and will finish up the year with another short film The Timeslip by the Chance Brothers.

Apt. is set to premiere at The Action on Film International Film Festival in late July. You can check out the synopsis and teaser for this intriguing film below, and if you would like more info on Chance Encounters productions, you can visit their website at .

In a recession, the demand for affordable housing is greater than the supply.
But in the age of the Internet, opportunities are available at the click of a mouse.

Melissa won an online competition for a brand new apartment in The Palms, a quiet, friendly Riverside complex.
She couldn’t believe her luck on the day she moved in.
One day later, she wouldn’t believe her eyes.

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