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Tattoos are hot and have become an increasingly popular form of art and self expression. It seems everyone is getting inked these days, but if you don’t want to end up looking like that popular Internet cartoon in which an old Chinese man is pointing to the Kanji tattoo on a very tough looking Western guy’s hand saying, “that reads I love little porcelain dolls,” you should know a few important facts about both what tattoos represent and which kind will fit your personality.

Tattoos are first and foremost symbolic. With the aid of a tattoo, you can represent what you truly believe in or what best demonstrates your inner most qualites. For this reason, you should take the time to discover the meanings of various symbols and what they stand for. Don’t just get a tattoo because Brad Pitt got one. Be original and be yourself.  Some people just pick a random design from an album the tattoo artist lays out in front of them and goes for it, almost as if they were picking up a shirt. Unlike a shirt, though, a tattoo won’t come off, so be careful and choose wisely.

Here are a few popular designs and the meanings behind them:

Tiger: Tigers portray dominance, agility and fearlessness and are a favored symbol amongst martial artists. If you love old Bruce Lee movies or believe you’re the “Rambo” type, then you might want to consider this

Wolf: In certain cultures, especially the American Indians, the wolf is considered a sacred animal.  However, in modern westernized society, the wolf represents a loner, the kind of person who doesn’t like to mingle a lot and is quite happy on his own.

Cross: Although the cross is popular amongst modern day Goths, it’s primarily associated with religious, albeit free thinking persons, who don’t mind going the extra mile.

Dragon: The Dragon is an ancient symbol of mystery and power, which is most popular in Eastern cultures.  If you consider yourself incomprehensible, arcane and commanding, you may want to get some variant of a dragon tattoo. Also, people who feel a deep connection with the East often end up opting for this one.

Phoenix: The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and immortality. If you’re the never-say-die type and are always willing to give it one more shot, then a phoenix tattoo is what you may be after.

Celtic Knot: The Celtic Knot symbolizes the eternal and intertwined nature of the human soul and is famous amongst those with a complicated and impenetrable character.

These symbols are just a primer and barely represent a fraction of the vast universe of designs that populate various body parts in all corners of the globe. If you’ve never been to a tattoo studio, you may be left baffled at the massive display of art and ink in their catalogue and on their wall. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it may help to consult the tattoo artist and discuss your likes and dislikes with them. They will help narrow down the range of designs and make it at least a little easier to pick one that suits your personality.

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