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Writers are often their own worst critics, so undoubtedly, workshops can be a haven for anyone hoping to be the next Neil Gaiman or Joe Hill.  Sites such as Critique Circle and The Next Big Writer offer constructive criticism and useful tips to both established and aspiring writers as they strive to construct their newfound masterpiece. The latest site to join in the fun is The Writer’s Blurb and the site’s founder recently talked about their vision for the site.

“The Writer’s Blurb is a site designed for writers of all shapes and sizes to converse with other writers similar to themselves, and receive feedback on their ideas. Whether a writer likes to write novels, fan fictions, poems, short stories, or non-fiction, there is a place for all of them at the Writer’s Blurb. There is also a directory filled with links to other writing sites and we are gathering up different events around the globe where writers can submit their work. It is just a place where writers can feel at home, and hopefully they will settle there and actively take part in the community.”

Anyone wishing for a friendly and personal workshoping experience can check out The Writer’s Blurb at

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