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One of the most famous scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark is the scene in Cairo where Indy (Harrison Ford) is confronted by a cocky, Arab swordsman. In the original script, there was to be lengthy battle between the two, pitting Indy’s whip against the swordsman’s sword, but Harrison Ford was ill and wanted to go home. At the suggestion of Steven Spielberg, the scene was cut down to Indy simply shooting the bastard. It’s funny how a movie’s most classic moments are sometimes the simplest. This example is also proof how motion pictures and other forms of art can take shape as they’re being created, and how an artist’s vision can change along the way.

Whether the artist is a director, painter, musician, or novelist, the best art usually takes on a life of it’s own, growing and evolving from it’s creators original thoughts and concepts. It can be an incredibly exciting and intense process. One of my short stories, Angelina (published in Ethereal Tales #4), was originally conceived as a lighthearted comedy about a mischevious winged, mermaid in a small Italian village. I kicked this idea around for awhile, until I saw that an online horror magazine was seeking submissions for short horror stories about a creature. This was when my concept of Angelina changed.

A horror fantasy about an evil mermaid with a voice that paralysed her victoms and fangs that turned them into disfigured fish with wings soon materialized. The plot and characterizations came much quicker than the comedy I had originally intended. Obviously fate stepped in and Angelina became the story it was meant to be.                                                                             

Every artist has similiar stories, from hit songs that almost never made it onto an album to completly different novel endings, and also, did you know that if Tom Sellick hadn’t been tied up with Magnum PI, he would’ve been Indiana Jones. Imagine that in some alternative universe.

Really………. you’ve gotta love fate.

**The original Angelina was drawn by  Durare. More of this artists amazing work can be viewed here [link] at her Deviant Art gallery.**

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