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Storm Owl is a  22 year old, self taught artist from Ottawa, Canada, specializing in photo manipulation.  Often combining fantasy images that are both dark and romantic, she has a bold, dynamic style that stems from a therapeuetic need to unleash her anger and depression (her earlier works are much darker) through art. The single mother of a four and a half year old son plans to attend University this fall to get a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology.  Even so, we’re sure we’ll be seeing much more of this artists amazing work in the coming years.  She recently spoke to Tattoo Boulevard about a few of her creations.



“Halloween is my favorite holiday, so inspiration never comes up short for me in that department (lol). I’ve done many pieces but I wanted something more “simple”, yet elegant as well, with a touch of horror Halloween spirit kind of thing. One of my friends even mentioned that it looked a bit like an advertisement photo for perfume or something (lol).”


“This one I made as an Global Warming statement, but I was tired of always doing the same ones that you can see all over the internet and decided to take a fantasy twist on it instead. I picked a mermaid because I think that the biggest change we see are the water shortages and lake shrinkage.”



“With this one, I wanted to play more with “depth” (the blurry feathers in the front), and I wanted to mix a beautiful elegant scene (thank you for the stock provider of these beautiful stairs!) with a dark gothic with crows stereotype and mix it all together.”

More of Storm Owl’s memerable work can be viewed at her gallery at Deviant Art [link], Wix [link],
 or on her Facebook page.  [link]

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