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 Tattoo artist, Simone Cavallari,  has had a love affair with drawing since his childhood in Turin, Italy, where he would often spend his time drawing cemeteries, zombies, ghosts and dead people. His passion for fantasy soon spread to american comics and cartoons, and he read (and still reads) a pletheria of Marvel and DC comics such as Spiderman,  Batman, and his personal favorites,  Green Lantern and The Punisher.   Since then, he has even  had The Punisher logo tattooed on his right forearm.   

Simone recently spoke to Tattoo Boulevard about his training and love of tattoo art. “Since I was a child, ” he said,  “I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos and tattooed people, I always wanted to know how it was possible to have a permanent drawing on skin, so I started studying art at high school.”

 On his 18th birthday, he knocked at the door of a skratcher, since he didn’t know any other person for tattoos at that time and received his first ink – a “hope” script on his right forearm. After that initial enounter, he met another skratcher, who completed his forearm, but the result was largely disappointing. Things soon began to look up when he met a real tattoo artist, who not only covered up and completed his sleeve, but also became his master.  His long sought apprenticeship had finally begun.

“After one year of apprenticeship,” he continued, ” my master told me that I was ready to start tattooing by myself, but unluckily, he didn’t have proper works for me, so I had to find another way to start my career. In Italy, especially in my town, it’s quite common that in a tattoo studio, the owner is the only artist too. That’s because not so many people want to get tattooed, so there’s not enough work for more than one person.”

Like many others, Simone began working at home, but an obsession with hygiene and safety got him thinking about opening a shop with his girfriend, and after some discussion, they agreed to open a tattoo studio with a retail side.  In September 2008, their dream became a reality and they opened their own shop in Turin called Fuel Tattoo.

“I’d been working there for 2 years.  I was the only artist so I gained lot of experience in little time. When working there, I wasn’t satisfied because of the customers requests. I love working in colours and I’m always trying to improve my artistic and technical skills, but in my town the main request is for lettering, tribals and maoris, so it took me a while to put up a decent portfolio. It was very difficult and I have to thank my friends that let me work on their skin to realize some of the works that I like and enjoyed the most, cause it’s my style!”

Unfortunately, At the end of May 2010 he was forced to close down his shop due to the economical crisis.  Not only where there not enough customers, but he had grown tired of the type of requests he received and realized he needed a chance of scenary.

“I knew that if I wanted to improve my skills, I had to move abroad. I put an ad on the main tattoo forums on the web and received alot of offers. My main goal is to move to the USA or Canada, cause I hope one day to work with the best artists. I got a job in London (UK) and moved here. Anyway, I’m always available to move somwhere else, cause I want to learn more and I’d like to do more works in my style. I’d like to improve my skills and I’m thirsty of knowledge.”

His favourite artists include Tony Ciavarro, Jimie Litwalk, Jesse Smith and Joe Capobianco. “I always find inspiration in their works and I hope one day to have the opportunity to meet them and work for them. I know that’s a long path and it won’t be easy to reach them, but I’m really motivated. I always put all of myself in my works and I’d really like to have more opportunities to tattoo in my style.”

A quick look at his work should leave little doubt that those opportunities will be coming  much more frequently. More of his art can be viewed in our gallery or at

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