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Who hasn’t heard the already famous quote – “Nothing says forever like a misspelled tattoo”?

Consider it karma’s way of punching you in the face or ink input error, but treat it with the seriousness it deserves. Whether you thought it would be a great idea for your birthday present or the ultimate drunken adventure, waking up with a misspelled or poorly executed tattoo can be just as traumatic as a mistaken plastic surgical intervention.

Imagine you must face your moment of reckoning – you have an ugly or misspelled tattoo on your chest/arm/leg/hip/neck/wrist or maybe even your forbidden areas. Unfortunately, advice like “do your homework and check the tattooist’s records before you get your own tattoo” or “wear a long-sleeved shirt” isn’t what you want to hear and won’t do you any good. Time traveling is a paradoxical concept and you can’t wear long-sleeved shirts for the rest of your life.

So what can you do? There are three basic remedies:

Get a second tattoo. Not a completely different one which would be so awesome that people will stop looking at the bad one. Get a cover-up tattoo. A professional tattoo artist will always understand how troubling living with an ugly tattoo can be, so don’t hesitate to ask them to do a cover up over the old one. If all goes well, you won’t have to suffer the shame anymore.

Get it removed. It may be a royal pain in the butt, not only physically, but also psychologically and economically to get a tattoo out of your system. However, if you don’t think you can cope with the idea of having to share your skin with a monster, then laser treatment may be your only option.

Live with it. If you don’t have the disposition to get a bad tattoo removed or covered up because of the mental trauma you suffered during the inking process, then ultimately you can try to give that ugly tattoo of yours a chance. See if you can learn to live with it and if you can turn it into your advantage. After all, an ugly or misspelled tattoo can be a really funny discussion topic at all times. Not to mention you’d be doing the world a great favor by being the living proof of what can happen if you end up under the needle of a lousy tattoo artist.

Whatever you decide to do with your poorly executed tattoo, you should do it with the confidence that others share your pain and are willing to help you straighten things out. Don’t hesitate to ask your loved ones for advice or support.

* Original art by Merewina* More of this artist’s wonderful work can be viewed in her gallery [link].

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