Tattoo Boulevard


Art takes on many forms, from paintings to sculpure to poetry, and though tattoos have gained much more mainstream exposure over the last decade, they are still very much the rebel faction amongst the artistic community. Of course, that is part of the appeal and the free spirited nature of getting inked and expressing yourself can be both extremely rewarding and addicting. We, at Tattoo Boulevard aim to provide a showcase for both artists and pop culture conniseurs, while striving  to provide a  fun, classy, and vibrant platform for everyone that truly understands and admires not only the art in tattoos, but all forms of art and culture. We will be adding many new features in the coming weeks that will focus on everything from music to movies to martinis, but our primary goal will be to provide exposure to the many exciting and emerging artistic talents from around the world.  We are still very early in our development and know we have many highs and lows ahead, but we hope you’ll be there with us as develop into the web’s premier source for everything that is art and pop culture.


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  2. hello thanks for the blog.