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If you’ve ever come across photographs of weddings that have taken place in locations such as Bangladesh, Pakistan or India, you may have noticed the bride’s hands and feet were embellished with a gorgeous, intricate artwork. This is known as Mehndi, or henna tattoos. Mehndi stems from many different ancient cultures, and can be dated as far back as 5,000 years ago, and although this vivacious art form is used for many different occasions, such as the birth of a child, engagements or even family gatherings, it’s primarily associated with weddings. Brides use henna tattoos as a type of decoration and in some places, even the groom will have designs. Unlike traditional tattoos, that are created using ink and needles, henna tattoos are applied with a paint brush or a special plastic cone. Once the artwork is perfected, it is wrapped to lock in body heat by using tissue, medical tape or plastic. The reason for trapping the body heat is to intensify the vibrant colors on the skin. The wrap is worn overnight, and once removed, the design will last anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the paste that’s used. For anyone who is considering a tattoo, but has reservations about what the finished design will look like, they may want to contemplate having the artwork done using henna first. This will give them an idea of what the tattoo will look like before they make that final, ultimate decision.

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