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“Featured Artist” ZIEM PHALA

Named as one of Ottawa’s “it girls,” Ziem Phala has a distinct idea of what aesthetics appeal to her. 

Working in public relations doing event planning and a whole lot of writing means she has the opportunity to create and recreate on a daily basis.

“I’m a total fashion junkie.  I love looking at what people are wearing and how they’re wearing it.  I love pulling from different sources and cultures, and I think that comes across in the events in my interests, my writing and my overall aesthetic and out look on life.  I’ll try anything once.”  

She hopes to be working in public relations for a quite a while longer and hopes to get into the philanthropic end of the business, organizing more charity based events and working with other charitable organizations.

A hardworking and energetic communicator, Ziem has a passion for public relations. Her drive and creativity have helped her succeed in a team managing musicians and as a self starter . Her education in mass communication and public relations give her a unique outlook on communications and social media in todays corporate and non-corporate world.

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